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### Player Points

## Player 1 Player 2 Points
## Nation Points


Under 21


Old player


Modern defense

The player is in a defensive way and when he has an opportunity, he finishes the point via a forehand or backhand smash. His mobility and his regularity will be a great asset. He must also be able to link up defense and smash.

Technique Initiative Counter Constitution Initiative Counter
FH Smash Useful Might be useful Regularity Useful Might be useful
BH Smash Useless Useless Placement Useless Useful
FH Top Spin Indispensable Important Swiftness Might be useful Indispensable
BH Top Spin Useless Useful Ball handling Might be useful Indispensable
FH Chop Important Important Movement Important Useful
BH Chop Indispensable Useful Stamina Important Useless
Push Useful Useless Linking Indispensable Useless
FH Block Useless Important Power Useless Useless
BH Block Might be useful Important
FH Flip Useless Useless
BH Flip Useless Useless
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