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Under 21


Old player

With Table Tennis Manager, you can take control of the career of a high-level table tennis player and bring it to the top of the world rankings!!!


On the program you will:


- Compete for the most prestigious competitions (Pro-Tour, Continental Championships, World Championships).

- Face your opponents in singles or doubles team.

- Develop your table tennis players from the junior category until old hand. Four categories are available.

- Determine your game strategy among 12 game systems and 48 variants.



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Reminder: Multi-accounts are forbidden. They will be removed soon.


Changes planned for season 15: Here  ( Under Construction).

Find Table Tennis Manager on Facebook ( Under Construction).

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-> As you can see an online tutorial was introduced. Thanks to Yatah for French, Micha for German and Sebrcl for English

1 Salem Abu
2 Monod Leopold Theodore
3 Rosenstein Zeev
4 Branqui Algas Diego
5 Tjampitjinpa Ozie
Complete ranking
Old player
1 Somatotrophine
2 Dopamine
3 Blokeur Petit
4 Ari Vatanen
5 Eikki Vatanen
Complete ranking
Under 21
1 Nexxus SuperSelect
2 Marius Gaius
3 Fèlix Lebrun
4 Lebrun Alexis
5 Cicero Marcus
Complete ranking
1 Hombre Gringo
2 maradonna diego
3 Batiri Nabaruru
4 rokette rasta
Complete ranking
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